Everyone is given the same 24 hours in a day, how we chose to manage them are ultimately our choice.  With this thought in mind, I began my journey to change my life. As a full time working mom, with a spouse that travels, and a child involved in activities, I never focused on myself. Yes, I did do boot camp every morning at 5:30am, ate pretty healthy, and played tennis a couple days a week. But, I felt I was not challenging myself. I took a step back ad looked at my 41 year old self, and didn’t like what I saw and what I could see in the future. I really didn’t fit the mold of suburban minivan driving mom. So in November 2013, I set out on a personal goal to see what I could do with this 41 year old body. From the day I met Kelly Lynn, I knew my life would be forever changed. We talked about goals and what I wanted to accomplish, and most important dedication to reaching my goal. So, that night we set a goal of February 22, 2014 the Clearwater Super Natural Over 35 bikini division. I was very excited and as a goal oriented person, time-management , dedication and commitment are very important to me. That Sunday I received my diet and workout plan. As I looked at it, it was time to set-up my schedule and plan. My schedule is set down to the mere minute every morning and food prep very specific days. Here is a sample of my time-management as a working mom:

Sunday night- set coffee pot to brew at 430am


4:30am-wake-up, dress, black coffee
4:45am-Head to the gym (15 min drive)
5am- 45 min cardio and ab workout
6:15- leave gym

6:30- home, shower, get ready for work. (I’m in sales, gotta look good)
7am –cook egg whites and quinoa, pack lunch for day.
 7:15am – get son up for school blow dry hair

 7:30 am – dress and get work computer and son all ready for school
7:45 am- leave for school
8am- drop son off at school, and on work conference call.

Work all day, pick son up at school by 5:15pm home cook dinner, prepare lunch for next day, help son with homework, and my son and I head to the gym by 7pm.

My son goes to a trainer while I workout.

To follow the diet it is really, really easy. Being proactive and preparing ahead is the key. On Sundays and Wednesdays, (my 2 off days), I food prep.  I cook pounds of chicken in my crock-pot on Sunday and Wednesday, roast my veggies, cook rice and quinoa, and buy bagged salad. By doing this, it makes putting my lunch and dinner together, really easy. In addition, prevents me from reaching for a not so healthy meal.

Kelly Lynn wrote my diet according to my dietary restriction of no gluten or dairy and my LOVE of vegetables. I put my entire goal in her hands and knew in my mind if I just did EXACTLY what she said, I would be able to reach my goal without any set backs.
Well…I placed 2nd in my age group in my first competition…it was awesome. Words can not express the tremendous amount of encouragement Kelly Lynn provided. She believed I could do it, which made me believe I could. As each month went on, I could see the difference in my body…truly amazing results. My flat runner’s butt has been replaced with a perky booty, in only 16 weeks. This would have never happened if I didn’t follow her plan. I have set my goals on more competitions, and with Kelly Lynn by my side I know I will be getting more trophies! She is an added blessing to my life, and has taught me to believe in myself, and for that I am forever grateful.

One month before and after pics on the Kelly Lynn Fit diet plan. Awesome progress. Thanks Coach K!!! 1st six pack of my life is on the way...fast. better late than never:)


My decision to compete this year for the first time has been truly a blessing. After 2 shows I realized I was going to need help if I wanted to look better and place higher in any future shows.  I met Kelly after at my first show and kept her in my mind.  I personally didn’t do well, and she came up to me and thought I looked great! She saw potential in me. Little did I know that would be the start of a beautiful friendship.  I contacted her to help me with my diet and posing.  As I was aiming for a national Qualifier.  I have to say those 12 weeks of prep were nothing short of spectacular.  Kelly did a phenomenal job, of doing my diet, and breaking down my posing and analyzing things that I personally didn’t see. Kelly helped me become confident in myself and my abilities. She boosted my confidence and helped bring the best package to date.  My coach is more than just a nutritional/posing expert, she has walked the walk herself.  She knows what it’s like to compete at an extremely high level.  The highs and lows that come from competing and how to balance the emotions.
Kelly gave me hope. After losing something I loved so much, (being Soccer) I stepped into competing hoping I could replace what I lost. Instead I ended up loving it. She helped me find myself when I felt all was lost. She gave me an identity when I was nothing.  She truly puts her all in her athletes.  She gives herself to you and shows you things you were capable of doing all along.  Kelly is an absolute must if you’re looking to perform on stage and be in the best shape of your life.  She doesn’t ask for anything in return, all she wants is for you to give it your all.  Follow the plan she tells you and you can’t go wrong. I personally have to thank her for seeing the potential in me when it looked slim in my mind. She never stops believing in you.  Now I’m a confident human being.  There are methods to her madness.  Her madness is what separates her from everyone else.  She is honestly the best in my mind. Helping me get 6th my best showing yet at a national Qualifier.  When we started she told me I would be there. Now I believe it.  As we look forward to our future together as coach and athlete I know she’s on either side of me, holding me in place like bookends around the story that is my life.


A true leader establishes a vision for the future and sets the strategy for getting there. A true leader creates change. A true leader motivates and inspires others to go in the right direction and along with everyone else, they know and respect the sacrifices it takes to get there. Kelly Lynn fits that definition of a leader to a tee. Her knowledge, experience, passion and dedication has forever changed my life and the lives of so many others. I was referred to Kelly by a friend of mine who had just placed as a figure competitor the year prior with Kelly as her trainer. I had seen such a radical change in my friend both inside and out that I was inspired and intrigued. Being a previous aerobics instructor and a regular at the gym, I thought I had a pretty good knowledge base of how to work out/train, boy did I have a lot to learn and trust me, there is no better teacher out there than Kelly! 
Being a type A, perfectionist,  I had to have assurance that I was doing each and every exercise just right and needed to understand why I was doing each one, Kelly had and still has the patience of a saint! She is not a trainer who just throws some cookie cutter training program at you expecting you to check in with her each week. She spends time, customizing a plan, specifically made for you and She checks in with you always making sure you are sticking to the plan and feeling confident. She made herself available to me and to all her clients, literally 24/7. It brings tears to my eyes just writing this that four months after meeting Kelly, I stood prouder than I have ever felt in my life with a trophy in hand on stage at the 2012 NPC Europa Show of Champions in Orlando, FL!  When I started training for this show, my only goals were to be able to give it my all, stick to the plan and have the courage to walk out on that stage and not fall on my face!! ;)  Placing had not even crossed my mind. Throughout the four months of training, I became stronger and more empowered than I had ever felt in my life and the best part of all is that it came from the inside out. I can tell you one thing for sure, there is no better trainer out there to help you achieve those dreams than Kelly Lynn.
My biggest "complaint area" had always been the back of my legs and bootie. I could never understand why I could not transform this area with all the aerobics and kickboxing classes I had taught and taken. One of the many things Kelly taught me was that even though you use your legs the whole time in those classes you are not actually "working out" those areas specifically and that spot training your legs and glutes is key. I had always those stubborn lines on the back of my legs, that I thought I was never going to be able to get rid of, within two months of Kelly's plan, they had started to disappear, that's when Kelly my trainer became "Kelly, miracle worker" in my mind! :)


I would like to say thank you so much for my coach Kelly for supporting me and coaching me with my diet and and posing. I am so honored to have met her and she is one of the best coaches I ever had. She coached me right to my goal first place. You're the best Kelly!!


My client Caitlin wrote me an inspiring email and I asked her if I could share this awesome experience to help you through those days you feel like giving up:

"So when I was at the gym tonight a girl came up to me that I have seen many times before but have never talked to. She said how she is completely blown away with my accomplishments and felt the need to tell me that whatever I'm doing is working and that I am inspiring her. She was asking me all kinda of questions about what I'm doing and she just couldn't believe the dedication required. She couldn't get over the fact that I've changed so much so quickly. I told her thank you and that it meant more to me than she may know because sometimes we get inside our heads and we don't see how far we've come. I loved the fact that she said I've inspired her.

Kelly, I thought you should know how through what you have done for me you are partially responsible for inspiring a complete stranger :) made my night for sure and it was that extra push to make sure I stay on the straight and narrow! I told her this is only the beginning and that my journey is far from over do stay tuned." - Caitlin


I really appreciate my friend and coach, Kelly. This woman is an amazing person. She was emotionally and physically committed from day one. I called and texted her often when I was second guessing my decision to diet for 6 months.
She always put a positive spin on my negative thoughts. The mind can seriously play tricks on you when your dieting. Kelly was there to coach me all the way to the very end..wow..I'm speechless honestly.


In an industry full of “wanna-be” trainers/coaches Kelly Lynn sets the standard by which any trainer should be measured. Her spontaneous personality, professionalism, extensive health/diet/fitness knowledge and enthusiastic commitment to her work set’s the perfect stage for her clients to succeed. I am proud to call her my coach, my friend and my confidant. Through consistent and positive feedback and encouragement, she retrained my attitude/body and coached me though two bodybuilding shows. I gained confidence in myself. She motivates me to push past my perceived limits to get results. I have incredible energy, my strength/physique improved immensely. Anyone serious about changing their life for the better should contact Kelly and she will guide you every step of the way.


In a sport so subjective, one trait that has to be honed and developed is perseverance. Perseverance defined by the Merrian-Webster’s dictionary is a “continued effort to do or achieve something despite difficulties, failures, or opposition.” Along your journey to your first or even your next upcoming competition I can beat you that there will be life or work situations, or people who will make that road dumpy for you. It may happen that you may not place at all in a show you worked so long and hard to prepare for.  But understand one essential thing; those hurdles are all part of the experience of making it onto that stage. Those tests, trials and tribulations will develop you to be mentally stronger and build a greater sense of confidence; so your continued effort despite those hurdles is crucial in surviving in this sport.

My personal journey to my 2nd show was a paved with complete heartache and pain that I never had even imagined. In the middle of prep my marriage fell apart. My world was utterly transformed in a second.  I had two choices ahead of me; either drop out of the competition or to move forward and compete. I choose to compete. I choose to continue with full commitment and effort despite the personal difficulty that I was going through. I have to say that continuing to prepare for the Europa show helped save my sanity and allowed me to realize the strength and resilience that I do have. I was able to use my new found strength and confidence and transfer that onto the stage. Unfortunately, I did not place in the top 5, but the accomplishment of persevering despite my personal hell was as sweet to me as taking first place.

Life will happen whether you want it to or not. Being able to get passed all of life’s oppositions and being able to push through the pain will turn you into a champion. Perseverance is an essential trait in this sport and will help develop you to be mentally stronger and more resilient. Continued effort no matter what life throws at you will be needed. I encourage you to never give in and never give up. Presevere and become the champion you know that you are.