Rear Delt Flyes

Three aariations of rear delt flyes.

1. Hips shifted bak at a 45 degree angle from back rest.

2. Chest against pad.

3. Chest against pad, hands facing out.

Xband Glute/Hamstring Raise

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Wrap Xband around base and squeeze glutes coming up. This will isolate the lower glute.

Extended Kettlebell Deadlift

Using a bench and you can also use a band like the Xband Booty Bands. Click here for the link.  Use my code: kellylynn10.

Shift hips way back as you bring your arms out and down past the bench.

Dumbbell Mid Chest Raise

Using a dumbbell, hold the handle with both hands. Sticking chest out and pulling the shoulders back, squeeze on the way up and lower the weight. Keep arms straight as possible.